Nos Domaines de compétence

  • Droit pénal économique
  • Droit de la circulation routière
  • Conseil en droit des affaires
  • Droit pénal général
  • Création et gestion de structures juridiques
  • Gestion et planification patrimoniale

Our Services

Our services:

  • Integrated financial planning, complete or partial
  • Retirement income planning
  • Financial wealth management
  • Estate planning and minimizing tax liability
  • Planned charitable donation strategy

Shareholder agreement:

  • Support in drafting the shareholder agreement.
  • Reading service of existing agreement service, the issue of a second
    opinion and update recommendations.

Provisioning of the agreement:

  • In case of death.
  • In case of permanent disability or incapacity.
  • Needs assessment and choice of insurers.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Preserving the future insurability of associates.

Vehicle capitalization and enrichment of shareholders.

  • Sheltered from tax in a Gesco.
  • IPP (Individual Retirement Pension).
  • Retirement compensation agreement.
  • Discretionary family trusts.

Retention of key personnel:

  • Protection plans with shared premiums.
  • Key personnel insurance
  • Sharing plan benefits.
  • RRI.
  • Retirement compensation agreement.

Continuity and business transfer:

  • The 4 circuits of continuity and succession.
  • The succession plan.
  • Training and integration plan for successors.
  • Financing of business purchase.
  • Loan programs.
  • Plan ahead (5-10 years), rather than improvising.
  • Our role as guide and conductor.

Inheritance preservation:

  • Evaluation and financing of tax liability on death.
  • Protection of assets.
  • Freeze the value of shares of an SME.
  • Creation of family trust.
  • Conversion of BNR (retained earnings) taxable in BNR non-taxable
  • Asset transfer on death.
  • Foundations and charities.
Financial Planning Granby

Our compensation has two folds:

It is fixed in advance, on a payable fee basis, with respect to the agreed contract.

It can also be based on commissions related to the setting up of selected financial products to meet your needs.

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